1. What chronic sleep disorder causes overwhelming daytime drowsiness?
  2. What chart-topping American pop band of the 1960s took their name from an amphibious reptile?
  3. Who wrote the recently published best-selling memoir The Woman in Me?
  4. In what craft would you have heard the terms slug, galley, chase, flong and stone?
  5. In what country would you walk a route known as the Annapurna Circuit?
  6. How did the New Zealand sporting heroes Anthony Wilding (tennis) and Dave Gallaher (rugby) die?
  7. What meat is used to make the Italian sausage called mortadella?
  8. What famous American clarinet player and jazz band leader was born Arthur Jacob Arshawsky?
  9. Daniel Arap Moi was president of what country?
  10. What woman served as mayor of Christchurch from 1989 till 1998 and later made a comeback as deputy mayor?

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ANSWERS: 1. Narcolepsy; 2. The Turtles; 3. Britney Spears; 4. Printing; 5. Nepal; 6. They were killed in the First World War; 7. Pork; 8. Artie Shaw; 9. Kenya; 10. Vicki Buck.