1. What was the name of the main male character in “Gone with the Wind”?
  2. Which Australian city was the scene of the 1987 Hoddle St massacre in which seven people were shot dead and 19 wounded?
  3. The Indian city of Bengaluru was previously known by what name?
  4. Complete the title of a classic crime novel that was made into a 1981 film starring Jack Nicholson: “The Postman Always Rings …”
  5. In what international organisation do members undertake to complete 12 Steps?
  6. What first name is shared by a rugby league player with the surname Cleary, a broadcaster with the surname Rarere and a former Black Cap with the surname Astle?
  7. What is the common characteristic of the many bird species classified as ratites?
  8. The Scotsman Donald Sutherland was associated with the development of tourism in which part of New Zealand?
  9. America’s Idlewild International Airport was renamed in 1963 as what?
  10. On a map of Australia, what word precedes Macquarie, Illawarra and Burley Griffin?

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ANSWERS: 1. Rhett Butler; 2. Melbourne; 3. Bangalore; 4. Twice; 5. Alcoholics Anonymous; 6. Nathan; 7. They are flightless; 8. Fiordland; 9. John F Kennedy Airport; 10. Lake.