1. In what city would you find the Church of the Holy Sepulchre?
  2. By changing the first letter, what word meaning a member of the cucumber family can be altered to one meaning a farming implement used to break up soil?
  3. What seafood is the main ingredient in the classic French dish moules marinières?
  4. What is the occupation of New Zealanders Cameron Bagrie, Shamubeel Eaqub and Brad Olsen?
  5. The tribute band Bjorn Again plays the songs of what group?
  6. “Permission to speak, sir” was a recurring line in what British TV comedy series?
  7. Hennessy is a French brand of what alcoholic drink?
  8. What is the name of a traditional Greek dish consisting of stuffed vine leaves?
  9. In the initials of the government agency EQC, what does the E stand for?
  10. In a popular spinoff from the TV series “Cheers”, what was the first name of a character with the surname Crane?

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ANSWERS: 1. Jerusalem; 2. Marrow/harrow; 3. Mussels; 4. Economist; 5. Abba; 6. Dad’s Army; 7. Cognac; 8. Dolmades; 9. Earthquake; 10. Frasier.