1. In children’s literature, what fantasy world is reached via a wardrobe? 
  2. What noun meaning a tax on goods and commodities can also be a verb meaning to cut something out? 
  3. “Gweilo” is a Chinese slang term – sometimes use pejoratively – for what? 
  4. Annie Crummer, Debbie Harwood, Margaret Urlich, Kim Willoughby and Dianne Swann were collectively known as what? 
  5. Indices is the plural of what word? 
  6. In which Australian state would you find the Coonawarra, Limestone Coast and McLaren Vale winemaking regions? 
  7. What British rock musician has a doctorate in astrophysics? 
  8. In what Olympic Games sport do competitors race over distances of 20 or 50 kilometres? 
  9. In Shakespeare, which character asks: “Is this a dagger which I see before me?”? 
  10. What do the countries of Mexico, Singapore, Panama and Guatemala have in common?

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ANSWERS: 1. Narnia; 2. Excise; 3. Westerners or Europeans; 4. When the Cat’s Away; 5. Index; 6. South Australia; 7. Brian May of Queen; 8. Walking; 9. Macbeth; 10. The countries and their capital cities share the same names