1. What gambling game is traditionally played in Australian pubs and clubs on Anzac Day?
  2. In New Zealand military history, what do the names Sling and Maadi refer to?
  3. What historic event took place in the Wairarapa village of Tinui in 1916?
  4. What nickname did the Gestapo give to Wellington-born Nancy Wake, who fought with the French Resistance in the Second World War?
  5. Complete the title of a First World War marching song: “It’s a Long Way to …”
  6. Which war claimed the lives of more NZ servicemen – Vietnam or Korea?
  7. What was the nationality of Irena Sendler, who saved an estimated 2,500 Jewish children during World War Two?
  8. In the First World War, what town on the Western Front was mispronounced by British troops as “Wipers”?
  9. What German city was devastated by a firestorm caused by Allied bombing in the last months of the Second World War?
  10. What was the nationality of John McCrae, who wrote the famous wartime poem In Flanders Fields?


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ANSWERS: 1. Two-up; 2. Camps where NZ soldiers trained; 3. The first-ever Anzac Day service; 4. The White Mouse; 5. Tipperary; 6. Korea (45); 7. Polish; 8. Ypres; 9. Dresden; 10. Canadian.