1. What first name is shared by an actress with the surname Sami and an opera singer with the surname Pierard?
  2. Who came to prominence in 1986 as Charlene Robinson in “Neighbours”?
  3. What is the common term for the painful muscular contraction, sometimes known as a charley horse?
  4. The so-called “Triple Crown” of motorsport consists of the Indianapolis 500, the Monaco Grand Prix and which other famous race?
  5. What hit song by Paul Simon began with the line, “The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar”?
  6. Where in NZ would you find a historic inner-city hotel called the Queen’s Ferry?
  7. What breed of terrier took its name from the 19th-century English vicar who developed it?
  8. What word can precede chest, egg and mist?
  9. Hugh Town, population 1800, is the largest settlement on which English islands?
  10. In the TV series “The Bridge”, what two countries are linked by the bridge of the title?


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ANSWERS: 1. Madeleine; 2. Kylie Minogue; 3. Cramp; 4. The Le Mans 24-Hour race; 5. Graceland; 6. Auckland; 7. The Jack Russell terrier; 8. Scotch; 9. The Isles of Scilly; 10. Denmark and Sweden.