1. In Roman mythology, what is the term for a creature that is half human, half goat?
  2. Where in New Zealand are the Antigua Boat Sheds?
  3. What word denoting the highest point on a ship’s mast can also mean the title of a newspaper, as displayed on its front page?
  4. In which Australian state would you see the Glass House Mountains?
  5. “You might very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment” was a recurring line from what TV drama series?
  6. The graphic novels and comics known as manga originated in what country?
  7. What New Zealand brand of porridge, a staple breakfast for New Zealand children in the 20th century, was made in a factory that remains a landmark in Gore?
  8. In rugby, what distinguishes a ruck from a maul?
  9. From which language did we get the words caravan, bazaar and pyjamas: Spanish, Persian or Hindi?
  10. Scrumpy is a traditional English alcoholic beverage made from what?

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ANSWERS: 1. Faun; 2. Christchurch; 3. Masthead; 4. Queensland; 5. House of Cards; 6. Japan; 7. Creamoata; 8. In a ruck, the ball is on the ground; 9. Persian; 10. Apples.