1.  In the titles of movies, what word precedes Beauty, Psycho and Graffiti?
  2. What name was given to 19th-century English textile workers who destroyed mill equipment in a protest against mechanisation?
  3. In what popular card game can players be finessed?
  4. The Motatapu Track in Central Otago cuts across a property owned by what overseas celebrity?
  5. In a famous advertising slogan, what now-defunct airline made the going great?
  6. Name the decade in which the New Zealand Women’s Weekly was launched, NZ’s first female MP was elected and the drag performer Carmen was born.
  7. What country has cities named Jaffa, Lod and Acre?
  8. What sauce is commonly referred to by a shortened name that is also the name of a country in Ireland?
  9. What African country has a capital called Kigali?
  10. What French phrase literally translates as “I don’t know what” and is used to refer to something that eludes description?

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ANSWERS: 1. American; 2. Luddites; 3. Bridge; 4. Shania Twain; 5. Pan Am; 6. The 1930s; 7. Israel; 8. Mayonnaise (Mayo); 9. Rwanda; 10. Je ne sais quoi.