1. What teenage singer topped charts in Britain and New Zealand with a self-composed 1978 song inspired by a 19th-century literary classic?
  2. On a world map, what word follows Dead, Barents and Sargasso?
  3. What Academy Award-winning 1996 film was partly set in the town of Brainerd, Minnesota?
  4. What American fictional character had the catch-cry “Hi Ho Silver”?
  5. Which NZ prime minister is commemorated by a statue in the grounds of Parliament?
  6. What is the predominant vegetation in the part of the world called the steppe?
  7. In what British TV comedy series did the main characters have a taste for Bollinger champagne?
  8. NZ’s premier sporting awards were named after what athlete?
  9. In Greek legend, what king was granted a request that everything he touched turned to gold?
  10. In the novel and film The Day of the Jackal, what real-life historical figure was the target of an assassin?


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ANSWERS: 1. Kate Bush (the song was Wuthering Heights); 2. Sea; 3. Fargo; 4. The Lone Ranger; 5. Richard Seddon; 6. Grass; 7. Absolutely Fabulous; 8. Sir Murray Halberg; 9. King Midas; 10. French president Charles de Gaulle.