1. In what classic children’s film is the title character found hiding behind a curtain? 
  2. What country is sometimes referred to as the Auld Sod? 
  3. In American slang, what is a grifter: a small-scale swindler, an aimless person or someone who bribes politicians? 
  4. What city will host the 2024 Olympic Games? 
  5. What British rock band, formed in 1962 and still recording as recently as 2019, took its name from a two-word Latin phrase meaning “the way things are now”? 
  6. Where would you find a fretboard? 
  7. Which is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere: Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Sao Paulo or Jakarta? 
  8. The brolga is native to which continent? 
  9. American sportswoman Brittney Griner, who was jailed in Russia on drug charges, plays what sport? 
  10. How many teaspoons equate to one tablespoon?  

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS:  1. The Wizard of Oz; 2. Ireland; 3. A small-scale swindler; 4. Paris; 5. Status Quo; 6. On a stringed musical instrument (e.g. a guitar); 7. Sao Paulo; 8. Australia; 9. Basketball; 10. Three.