1. What did the title characters in the hit songs ‘Maxine’, by Sharon O’Neill, and ‘Roxanne’, by the Police, have in common?
  2. The town of Stellenbosch is the centre of what South African industry?
  3. What provincial NZ city is home to a scientific research organisation called the Cawthron Institute?
  4. What famous fictional character had a housekeeper named Mrs Hudson?
  5. Which 20th century decade did the American author Tom Wolfe label the “Me Decade”?
  6. Complete the following line from Shakespeare: “Uneasy lies the head that …”
  7. The winner of the Indianapolis 500 car race traditionally celebrates by drinking what?
  8. Does a mohua have fins, feathers or flowers?
  9. What actress starred in the movies ‘Barbarella’, ‘9 to 5’ and ‘On Golden Pond’?
  10. What wild member of the cat family has distinctive tufts on the tips of its ears?


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ANSWERS: 1. They were prostitutes; 2. Wine; 3. Nelson; 4. Sherlock Holmes; 5. The 1970s; 6. Wears a crown; 7. A bottle of milk; 8. Feathers; 9. Jane Fonda; 10. The lynx.