1. In what classic horror movie was the main female character murdered in the first 20 minutes?
  2. New Zealand band Katchafire are exponents of what musical genre?
  3. Former Auckland mayor and fitness company founder Les Mills represented New Zealand in which two track and field events?
  4. What French herbal liqueur has a name that also describes its colour?
  5. In what country would you be most likely to hear the language called Sanskrit?
  6. Former Blacks Cap captain Stephen Fleming appears in TV commercials for what Japanese brand?
  7. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in which part of France?
  8. What Whakatane-born singer was knighted in 2018 for his services to entertainment?
  9. The German company Hohner makes what?
  10. New York, Las Vegas, Bilbao, Venice and Berlin all have museums that share what name?

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ANSWERS: 1. Psycho; 2. Reggae; 3. Shot put and discus; 4. Chartreuse; 5. India; 6. Fujitsu; 7. Corsica; 8. John Rowles; 9. Musical instruments; 10. Guggenheim.