1. Which rank did Elvis Presley attain while serving with the US Army: private first class, sergeant or lieutenant?
  2. What word can follow cottage, humble or cream?
  3. What high-profile minister in the government led by Jim Bolger had the first names Douglas Arthur Montrose?
  4. If you caught a ferry from Sausalito, what would be your destination?
  5. New Zealand broadcaster Julian Wilcox specialises in which field: Maori issues, sport or music?
  6. What do Americans celebrate on the fourth Thursday in November?
  7. Hiwi Tauroa, Chris Laidlaw and Joris de Bres were appointed to what government position?
  8. Which is the third most populous country in Asia?
  9. What word followed Sexy, Ebony and Blue in the titles of hit songs by Dr Hook, Bob Welch and Elton John?
  10. What NZ bedding company is building a new town in northern Waikato?

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ANSWERS: 1. Sergeant; 2. Pie; 3. Doug Graham; 4. San Francisco; 5. Maori issues; 6. Thanksgiving; 7. Race relations conciliator/commissioner; 8. Indonesia; 9. Eyes; 10. Sleepyhead.