1. What country boasts a former prime minister who held a world beer-drinking record and a former opposition leader who died while having sex with his son’s former girlfriend?
  2. Which party will have more MPs in the new Parliament – Act or the Greens?
  3. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a line from which play by Shakespeare?
  4. What is the name of the Dunedin street that claims to be the world’s steepest?
  5. In employment jargon, what do the initials FTE stand for?
  6. What TV drama series still features Michael Galvin in the role he played in its opening episode in 1992?
  7. What high-profile NZ company was founded by Sir Peter Talijancich?
  8. The New Zealand women’s rugby league team is known by what name?
  9. By changing one letter, what word meaning to indulge in a celebration can be altered to one meaning to rise up in opposition?
  10. What type of radiation causes the skin to tan?

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ANSWERS: 1. Australia (the prime minister was Bob Hawke; the opposition leader was Billy Snedden); 2. The Greens; 3. Romeo and Juliet; 4. Baldwin St; 5. Fulltime equivalent; 6. Shortland Street; 7. Talleys; 8. Kiwi Ferns; 9. Revel/rebel; 10. Ultra-violet.