1. Their surnames were Dickinson and Sawyer and their first names formed the title of a popular 1991 female “buddy” movie. What was that title?
  2. An entomologist studies insects, but what does an etymologist study?
  3. In the animated children’s movie “Stuart Little”, what type of animal is the title character?
  4. What word means the opposite of diurnal?
  5. What major Second World War military operation had the code name Operation Sealion but never happened?
  6. The phrase “stepping up to the plate” originated in what sport?
  7. In the title of a children’s book by Roald Dahl, who was the Champion of the World?
  8. Complete the following line from Shakespeare: “Rough winds do shake …”
  9. What writer created frightening creatures called Ringwraiths?
  10. What Australian state capital has an inner-city neighbourhood called South Bank?

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ANSWERS: 1. Thelma and Louise; 2. Words and their origins; 3. A mouse; 4. Nocturnal; 5. Germany’s invasion of Britain; 6. Baseball; 7. Danny; 8. The darling buds of May; 9. J R R Tolkien; 10. Brisbane.