1. What long-running TV comedy-drama series ended in 1983 with an episode that set a record as the most-watched broadcast in American history? 
  2. Creatinine tests are used to check the functioning of what bodily organ? 
  3. German-born New Zealand resident Kim Schmitz changed his name in 2005 to what? 
  4. What word preceded Christmas, Song and Waltz in the titles of hit songs? 
  5. Where would you find the Qattara Depression: Antarctica, North Africa or the Moon? 
  6. In Britain, what phone number would you dial in an emergency? 
  7. What popular dip takes its name from an Arabic word meaning chickpeas? 
  8. What musician wrote and starred in a 1984 British musical drama film called “Give My Regards to Broad Street”? 
  9. Americans call it a crosswalk. What is the NZ term? 
  10. Which social media platform was launched first: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? 

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ANSWERS: 1. M*A*S*H; 2. The kidneys; 3. Kim Dotcom; 4. Last; 5. North Africa; 6. 999; 7. Hummus; 8. Paul McCartney; 9. Pedestrian crossing; 10. LinkedIn.