1. Any Given Sunday is a 1999 movie directed by Oliver Stone, about which sport: American football, stock car racing or ice hockey?
  2. Which Australian wine company makes a famous wine called Grange?
  3. In a hit song by Rod Stewart, who wrecked his bed and kicked him in the head?
  4. What four-letter word means a small mountain lake?
  5. Film directors James Cameron and Sir Peter Jackson own rural retreats in which New Zealand region?
  6. Which is highest: Arthurs Pass, Haast Pass or the Desert Road summit?
  7. How did the celebrated NZ mountaineer Peter Mulgrew die in 1979?
  8. What cocktail is named after Queen Mary I of England?
  9. Which is NZ’s oldest surviving daily newspaper: the NZ Herald, the Christchurch Press or the Otago Daily Times?
  10. According to an old saying, where does charity begin?

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ANSWERS: 1. American football; 2. Penfolds; 3. Maggie May (or just Maggie); 4. Tarn; 5. The Wairarapa; 6. The Desert Road summit; 7. He was killed in the Mt Erebus aircraft disaster; 8. The Bloody Mary; 9. The Otago Daily Times; 10. At home.