1. In social media and text messages, what do the letters TBH usually stand for?
  2. Who holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals won by a New Zealander?
  3. Niu Tireni was a Māori name for what?
  4. In performances of Handel’s “Messiah”, which part does the audience traditionally stand for?
  5. Which minister in the current government was born in South Korea?
  6. The movies “8 Mile”, “Dreamgirls” and “Gran Torino” were set in which American industrial city?
  7. Who was NZ’s prime minister at the time of the Pike River mine disaster?
  8. What word can mean either a route through mountains or an amorous advance?
  9. “Newspaper taxis appear on the shore” is a line from what song by the Beatles?
  10. Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No 14 is more commonly known as what?


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ANSWERS: 1. To be honest; 2. Lisa Carrington (5); 3. New Zealand; 4. The Hallelujah Chorus; 5. Melissa Lee; 6. Detroit; 7. John Key; 8. Pass; 9. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds; 10. The Moonlight Sonata.