1. Name the decade in which film director Alfred Hitchcock came to fame, Pablo Picasso painted his famous work ‘Guernica’ and Agatha Christie wrote ‘Murder on the Orient Express’.
  2.  What British luxury car had the brand name SS until 1945?
  3.  In which role did Sadiq Khan come to prominence in Britain: opening batsman in the English cricket team, mayor of London or TV game show host?
  4.  In which town would you find Ruapehu College: Taupo, Ohakune or Taihape?
  5.  In the words of a popular song, who had nothing to do but roll around Heaven all day?
  6.  What does the American public holiday known as Juneteenth commemorate?
  7.  According to Global Finance magazine, which is the world’s richest country per capita: Singapore, Qatar or Ireland?
  8.  What was the first name of the TV character Rumpole of the Bailey?
  9.  What name is shared by a city in South Africa and a remote region in the northwest of Australia?
  10.  What is the meaning of the Maori word whakama: anger, shame or grief?

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. The 1930s; 2. Jaguar; 3. Mayor of London; 4. Ohakune; 5. That lucky old sun; 6. The end of slavery in the US; 7. Ireland; 8. Horace; 9. Kimberley; 10. Shame.