1. What term is commonly used for an airline flight that leaves late at night and arrives in the morning? 
  2. British heiress Jemima Goldsmith married what international cricket star? 
  3. The Latin phrase vox populi – often shortened to vox pop – literally means what? 
  4. What colour is the flower of the shrub called forsythia? 
  5. In what long-running TV comedy series did the characters patronise a café called Central Perk? 
  6. What meat is used in the French stew known as Navarin? 
  7. Does the word rallentando refer to a type of bike race, a way of performing a piece of music or a traditional hunting cry? 
  8. Apteryx australis is better known by what name? 
  9. What international sportswear brand took its name from the Greek goddess of victory? 
  10. Kikorangi, the brand name of a celebrated New Zealand cheese, is the Māori word for what colour?

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Red-eye flight; 2. Imran Khan; 3. Voice of the people; 4. Yellow; 5. Friends; 6. Lamb or mutton; 7. A way of performing a piece of music; 8. The kiwi; 9. Nike; 10. Blue.