1. How old was Johnny Cash when he died: 64, 71 or 79?
  2. Timbuktu, a city once celebrated in popular culture as remote and mysterious, is in which African country:  Sudan, Ethiopia or Mali?
  3. Eagle Farm, Brisbane, is a venue for what sport?
  4. Who told their story in a recently published memoir entitled “Untouchable Girls”?
  5. Rugby great Hugo Porta played for what country?
  6. What country manufactures the Pinzgauer military vehicles used by the NZ Defence Force?
  7. Which Australian state has a region called the Southern Highlands?
  8. What two-word Latin phrase is traditionally used for the list of characters in a play?
  9. In what sport do players stand behind a line called the oche?
  10. What is the meaning of the word verisimilitude: fear of high places, traitorous conduct or the appearance of being true?

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ANSWERS: 1. 71; 2. Mali; 3. Horse racing; 4. The Topp Twins; 5. Argentina; 6. Austria; 7. New South Wales; 8. Dramatis personae; 9. Darts; 10. The appearance of being true.