1. What 1968 hit song included the line, “We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files”?
  2. What are the three colours on the Italian flag?
  3. What public facility is jointly owned by Wellington City Council and the infrastructure company Infratil?
  4. In world politics, who is Mahmood Abbas?
  5. What long-established motorcycle enthusiasts’ club takes its name from a character in Greek legend?
  6. What was the nationality of the avant-garde artist Billy Apple?
  7. According to Wikipedia, which is the best-selling video game: Grand Theft Auto V, Pokemon or Minecraft?
  8. Fill in the missing word in a famous line from a poem: “A … is a lovesome thing, God wot!”
  9. What word can follow black, navy and mung?
  10. The perineum is in which part of the body: the nose, the stomach or the groin?

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ANSWERS: 1. Mrs Robinson, by Simon and Garfunkel; 2. Green, white and red; 3. Wellington Airport; 4. President of the state of Palestine; 5. The Ulysses Club; 6. New Zealand; 7. Minecraft; 8. Garden; 9. Beans; 10. The groin.