1. Snow, the world’s biggest-selling brand of beer, is mainly sold in what country?
  2. “I’ll Be There for You”, by The Rembrandts, was the theme song for what TV series?
  3. What American city has a main street known as The Strip?
  4. What famous 19th-century writer gave his name to a 250km walking route through rural France?
  5. What type of bread is made using wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria?
  6. What was the occupation of characters played on TV by Hugh Laurie, DeForest Kelley, Jane Seymour and George Clooney?
  7. Which is bigger, a tui or a blackbird?
  8. What country did Winston Churchill describe as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”?
  9. In what organisation is a fully initiated member known as a “made man”?
  10. What is the English biblical name of the remote settlement on the Whanganui River known in Maori as Hiruhārama?

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ANSWERS: 1. China; 2. Friends; 3. Las Vegas; 4. Robert Louis Stevenson; 5. Sourdough; 6. Doctor; 7. A tui; 8. Russia; 9. The Mafia; 10. Jerusalem.