1. Who wrote an influential 16th-century political work entitled “The Prince”? 
  2. New Zealander Courtney Duncan is a four-time world champion in what sport? 
  3. What fairy tale was known in French as “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” and in German as “Rotkäppchen”? 
  4. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) is more commonly known as what? 
  5. Garrick Tremain, Rod Emmerson, Sharon Murdoch and Al Nisbet made their names as what? 
  6. There are no cactus plants in the Arabian Desert – true or false? 
  7. What famous fictional character was pulled overboard and drowned after becoming entangled in a rope? 
  8. The French call it a lycée. What is the English term? 
  9. In Indian cooking, what is the term for meat roasted in a cylindrical clay oven? 
  10. The TV series “Downton Abbey”, “Last of the Summer Wine” and “All Creatures Great and Small” were set in which English county?

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ANSWERS: 1. Machiavelli; 2. Motocross; 3. Little Red Riding Hood; 4. Mad cow disease; 5. Cartoonists; 6. True; 7. Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick; 8. High school; 9. Tandoori; 10. Yorkshire.