1. According to a recent study, which dormant New Zealand volcano could erupt with little warning? 
  2. Which city has the largest population: Paris, Rome or Berlin? 
  3. What nickname has traditionally been given to males with the surname Murphy? 
  4. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman played terminally ill men in what hit film of 2007? 
  5. What war involving NZ soldiers took its name from a Dutch word meaning “farmer”? 
  6. What city hosted the 2012 Olympic Games? 
  7. What first name was shared by a singer with the surname Darin, a chess champion with the surname Fischer and a football star with the surname Moore? 
  8. What office was held by Spiro Agnew, Walter Mondale and Dan Quayle? 
  9. What English football club is known by the nickname Spurs? 
  10. Name the year in which Twitter was launched, Daniel Craig played James Bond for the first time (in “Casino Royale”), and Steve Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter, was killed.

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Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Mt Taranaki; 2. Berlin; 3. Spud; 4. “The Bucket List”; 5. The Boer War; 6. London; 7. Bobby; 8. US vice president; 9. Tottenham Hotspur; 10. 2006.