1. Complete the following quotation, attributed to the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus: “In war, the first casualty is …”
  2. In a 1979 hit song, what band took the long way home?
  3. The sinking of the whaling ship Essex in 1821 served as the inspiration for what?
  4. What word can precede cold, ground and room?
  5. In what town would you see a statue of All Blacks legend Colin Meads?
  6. Police officer Stewart Guthrie was posthumously awarded the George Cross, New Zealand’s highest civilian award for bravery, for his role in what incident?
  7. Margaret River is a winemaking region in which Australian state?
  8. What city hosted the first Olympic Games to be held in the Southern Hemisphere?
  9. Kelvin Heights is a suburb of what NZ town?
  10. If you were a member of the ’Ndrangheta, how would you make your living?


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ANSWERS: 1. Truth; 2. Supertramp; 3. The novel Moby-Dick; 4. Common; 5. Te Kuiti; 6. The Aramoana massacre of 1990; 7. Western Australia; 8. Melbourne; 9. Queenstown; 10. From crime.