1. Which two New Zealanders – one female, one male – have won Academy Awards for acting?
  2. His first names are Robert Lawrence and he’s been described as the Stephen King of children’s literature. What is his surname?
  3. What type of musician is most likely to use a device called a capo?
  4. In a popular restaurant dish of the 1970s, what was served with chips in a basket?
  5. What Shakespearean character murders a king named Duncan?
  6. What is the term for a word that has the same sequence of letters in reverse, such as kayak or madam?
  7. Complete the title of a 1983 film starring David Bowie: “Merry Christmas Mister …”
  8. What city is located in the French region known as Ile-de-France?
  9. New Zealand war hero and governor general Lord Freyberg was qualified in which profession: dentistry, law or teaching?
  10. English writer Sue Townsend was famous for creating what character?


Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Anna Paquin and Russell Crowe; 2. Stine; 3. A guitarist; 4. Chicken; 5. Macbeth; 6. Palindrome; 7. Lawrence; 8. Paris; 9. Dentistry; 10. Adrian Mole.