1. When both Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson are out of the country, which member of the cabinet serves as acting prime minister?
  2. Which park was gifted to Auckland to mark a visit by the Duke of Cornwall in 1901?
  3. In the New Zealand media, who are Catriona MacLeod and Nicola Wright?
  4. Which tennis player won the first of his 22 Grand Slam titles at the French Open in 2005?
  5. Which record spent longest at No 1 on the Billboard album chart: Thriller by Michael Jackson, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac or the soundtrack from the 1961 movie West Side Story?
  6. Which nationwide housing construction company took its name from its founders, Waikato couple Jenny and Ian Patton?
  7. Which 2000 film told the story of an ill-fated fishing boat named the Andrea Gail?
  8. Which capital city is known by its inhabitants as Praha?
  9. Which 1992 Quentin Tarantino crime film became famous for its soundtrack of 1970s hits including Stuck in the Middle with You?
  10.  What did colonial-era Māori call waipiro, meaning “stinking water”?

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ANSWERS: 1. Kelvin Davis; 2. Cornwall Park; 3. RNZ newsreaders; 4. Rafael Nadal; 5. West Side Story; 6. Jennian Homes; 7. The Perfect Storm; 8. Prague; 9. Reservoir Dogs; 10. Alcohol.