1. What was the surname of seven Italian-born brothers who founded a hot tub company in California? 
  2. What song did Kermit the Frog sing in the first Muppet movie? 
  3. What type of animal was at the centre of a best-selling children’s novel – subsequently adapted for the screen – by British author Michael Morpurgo? 
  4. “Summer-safe” is a term used in real estate advertisements for what type of property? 
  5. What is the meaning of the Latin word pax? 
  6. The New Zealand Cup is run at which racecourse: Ellerslie, Trentham or Riccarton? 
  7. What method of TV transmission preceded digital? 
  8. What did NZ prime ministers William Massey, Michael Joseph Savage and Norman Kirk have in common? 
  9. “Out there doing it” is the advertising slogan for what retail chain? 
  10. Name the year in which Sir Edmund Hillary died, John Key became prime minister, and Valerie Adams (then Valerie Vili) won the first of her two Olympic gold medals.

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ANSWERS: 1. Jacuzzi; 2. Rainbow Connection; 3. A horse; 4. Farms; 5. Peace; 6. Riccarton; 7. Analogue; 8. They died in office; 9. Hunting & Fishing; 10. 2008.