1. In which decade were the first parking meters installed in NZ?
  2. What is the term for a loss of vehicle traction due to water on the road?
  3. Who became, in 1963, the first actress to be paid $1 million for a single film?
  4. Which American boxer of Italian descent was the only world heavyweight champion to retire undefeated?
  5. What word can precede kiss, toast or horn?
  6. What black singer recorded a ground-breaking 1962 album called Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music?
  7. Who or what is Whakaata Māori?
  8. What is the term for a professor who has officially retired but is allowed to continue using the title of professor as an honour?
  9. In what provincial NZ city would you find the Sarjeant Gallery?
  10. By adding one letter, what word meaning stiff or inflexible can be changed to one meaning extremely cold?

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ANSWERS: 1. The 1950s; 2. Aquaplaning; 3. Elizabeth Taylor (for Cleopatra); 4. Rocky Marciano; 5. French; 6. Ray Charles; 7. The state-owned Maori TV channel; 8. Emeritus professor; 9. Whanganui; 10. Rigid/frigid.