1. What historical figure was played by Judi Dench in the 1998 film “Shakespeare in Love”?
  2. Huhana is the Māori version of what English name?
  3. In Britain, HS2 refers to a controversial project in which field: science, transport or education?
  4. The phrase “joyful and triumphant” occurs in what Christmas carol?
  5. Deuxième Grands Cru Classé is a ranking awarded to what?
  6. What 2007 epic film, the third in a series, had the subtitle “At World’s End”?
  7. According to DOC, which animals are the greatest threat to adult kiwi: stoats, dogs or feral cats?
  8. What does the A stand for in the acronym Aukus?
  9. In the 2023 general election, which three seats were won by the Greens?
  10. What medical term is derived from a Latin word meaning muscular pain?


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ANSWERS: 1. Queen Elizabeth I; 2. Susan; 3. Transport (it’s a high-speed railway line); 4. O Come All Ye Faithful; 5. Wine; 6. Pirates of the Caribbean; 7. Dogs; 8. Australia; 9. Auckland Central, Wellington Central and Rongotai; 10. Myalgia.