1. Harvey and Jeanette Crewe’s daughter, whose parents were murdered at Pukekawa in 1970, has what first name?
    2. What female name is derived from a Latin word meaning “lioness”?
    3. Extreme fear of birds is known as what: aviaphobia, ornithophobia or entomophobia?
    4. Milan’s Teatro alla Scala specialises in what form of entertainment?
    5. New Zealand country singer and songwriter Tami Neilson was born in what country?
    6. What natural feature would you find at Morere, Miranda and Maruia?
    7. Who is ranked highest on the American Film Institute’s list of female screen legends: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe or Katharine Hepburn?
    8. Queen Salote ruled what country?
    9. The now-defunct international companies Sabena, UTA and Braniff operated what type of business?
    10. Three Lamps is an historic neighbourhood in what city?

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ANSWERS: 1. Rochelle; 2. Leonie; 3. Ornithophobia; 4. Opera; 5. Canada; 6. Hot springs; 7. Katharine Hepburn; 8. Tonga; 9. Airlines; 10. Auckland.