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Cannasouth is a biopharmaceutical research and development company based in Waikato, New Zealand. The company has been established to focus on the commercial development of the medicinally beneficial attributes of cannabinoid compounds such as CBD, THC and associated chemical structures that are produced by the cannabis plant. The goal is the development of next-generation cannabinoid medicines that support patients' health outcomes and improve quality of life. Cannasouth products will be produced under GMP & ISO using environmentally friendly methods without the use of harmful chemicals or solvents, ensuring patients are treated with pure cannabinoid therapeutic compounds of the highest quality.

Title Date Type
First Cannasouth Medicines Successfully Assessed by Agency Thu, May 19 2022 10:56 am MKTUPDTE
Notification of Issue of Securities Tue, May 03 2022 04:29 pm SECISSUE
Notification of Exercise of Options Tue, May 03 2022 04:28 pm SECISSUE
2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting & Director Nominations Wed, Apr 20 2022 08:30 am MEETING
First Commercial Crop Commences in New Facility Thu, Mar 31 2022 02:16 pm MKTUPDTE
Annual Report for the Year Ended 31 December 2021 Thu, Mar 31 2022 01:28 pm ANNREP
D&O Ongoing Disclosure - Juliet Hull Wed, Mar 30 2022 12:08 pm SHINTR
D&O Ongoing Disclosure - Anthony Ho Fri, Mar 11 2022 10:14 am SHINTR
Preliminary Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2021 Tue, Mar 01 2022 05:09 pm FLLYR
SPH Notice - Nicholas Jon Foreman Mon, Feb 14 2022 02:32 pm SHINTR
Directors and Executives
Colin Foster
CFO / Company Secretary
Anthony Ho
Juliet Hull
Independent Non-Executive Director
Mark Lucas
Chief Executive Officer
Christine Pears
Independent Non-Executive Director
Company Details
Registered Office: c/- Braithwaite and Pearks Limited, Level 1, 240 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, 3256, Hamilton
Postal Address: c/- Braithwaite and Pearks Limited, Level 1, 240 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, 3256, Hamilton
Telephone: +64-7-949-8393
Facsimile: n/a
First Listed: 19/06/2019
Balance Date: 31 December
AGM: 28/06/2022
Major Holdings Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Current
14/02/22 Nicholas Jon Foreman 24,162,149 21.07 17.61
11/03/20 Adam Sorensen 5,165,563 6.14 4.89
Director’s Interests Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Details Other
30/03/22 Juliet Hull 11,000 - - -
11/03/22 Anthony Ho 1,100,000 - - -
10/08/21 Christine Pears 75,000 - - -
10/08/21 Colin Foster 250,000 - - -
16/11/20 Mark Lucas 28,029,435 - - -
23/10/20 Conor English 4,741 - - -
Analysts’ Forecasts
No forecasts available
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Last Updated: 01/04/2022
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