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QEX Logistics

QEX is a New Zealand based cross border logistics company that facilitates the storage, supply, packaging, customs clearance and delivery of New Zealand products bought from stores, online and e-commerce sites by individual consumers from China, or through a daigou. QEX's current principal activities are export of health supplement parcels, pick and pack services for health supplement parcels, supply, storage, repacking and export of infant formula and dairy products, logistics solutions across the whole supply chain, customs clearance services in China specialising in cross border parcels (parcels being delivered from New Zealand to individual consumers in China).

Directors and Executives
Tony Li
General Manager
Jingjie (Ronnie) Xue Chief Executive Officer
Company Details
Registered Office: 70 Richard Pearse Drive,, Mangere,, Auckland 2022
Postal Address: 70 Richard Pearse Drive,, Mangere,, Auckland 2022
Telephone: +64-09-838-8681
Facsimile: n/a
First Listed: 15/02/2018
Balance Date: 31 March
AGM: 17/09/2020
Major Holdings Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Current
21/03/19 Lindsay Investment Trust 3,788,096 5.31 7.22
15/02/18 Jingjie Xue 40,000,000 - 79.52
Director’s Interests Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Details Other
27/11/20 Danny Chan 500,000 - - -
27/11/20 Conor English 500,000 - - -
Analysts’ Forecasts
No forecasts available
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Last Updated: 22/04/2022
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