Today is launch day for the Business of Tech, a weekly podcast hosted by BusinessDesk’s tech editor Ben Moore and tech columnist Peter Griffin.

Together, Peter and I will look at the tech news of the day through a NZ business lens, helping our listeners to unpack what the happenings in the industry will mean for them and their companies.

We’ll interview tech leaders, luminaries and influential figures from across NZ to get a sense of how they understand the ebbs and flows of tech in NZ.

In classic BusinessDesk fashion, the facts will be presented along with that analytical flair that brings together experience, understanding and insight to present a more complete view.

Our first two episodes will feature interviews with two big names in the world of tech – though not in the way you might expect.

Episode one will feature Peter Griffin talking to Judith Collins, a resident tech-focused member of the opposition National party.

I’ve recently returned from a two-day tour of the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and Peter and I also discuss what I learnt about the world leader in artificial intelligence from my visit.

Then in episode two, I speak with the current minister for communications and the digital economy, Ginny Andersen.

We’ll ask our guests their views on the direction of the tech industry in NZ and get a sense of where their priorities lie.

There is a great lineup of names and ideas that are planned for the weeks and months ahead and we’ll be responding and rolling with the news as it plays out.

Find BusinessDesk’s Business of Tech here, on iHeartRadio’s app, or wherever you get your podcasts.