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It could be how to survive soaring living costs as inflation hits 6.9%, the best tactics to protect your sharemarket investments or a strategy to bag a promotion at work. 

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In this first episode back for the new season, it’s how to handle some of the toughest mortgage lending rules in years. 

The Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act was originally designed to stop irresponsible lending, particularly from payday lenders or clothing trucks that often patrol poorer neighbourhoods. 

But it ended up walloping the mortgage sector, with even regular payments into a savings account questioned as an “unnecessary expense” that could see you declined. 

The backlash was swift, with the mortgage industry, home buyers – and even existing homeowners looking for a mortgage extension – infuriated by the tough new rules. 

In the podcast, mortgage broker Bruce Patten from Loan Market says a review of the rules looks encouraging and that, by June, there may be exemptions around the spending limits that saw so many declined. 

That means a spot of Uber Eats, regular savings, or one-off spending such as Christmas gifts, should soon not cause as many problems. 

There are still other hoops to jump through, so Patten laid out his top tips for looking good to the bank in 2022. 

Listen to Cooking the Books to find out how to prepare your finances to get on the bank's good side, and Patten’s thoughts on the best rates right now. 

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