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Government's green vehicle dream slowly blossoming

Ian Llewellyn
Wed, 06 Oct 2021

Government's green vehicle dream slowly blossoming
Government departments says landlords' reluctance to install EV charging infrastructure is one of the barriers they face in meeting targets. (Image: Deposit Photos)
Ian Llewellyn
Wed, 06 Oct 2021
Despite slow progress so far, the government expects electric vehicles (EVs) to make up 5% of its fleet by the end of the year and 50% of all its vehicles could be battery EVs by 2025.This would still be well shy of original targets, but an increase on the progress made so far.The government has a goal that, where practicable, its fleet should be emissions-free by 2025/26 with a focus on EVs.Officials are now advising the government EV fleet will be at least 5% of the total fleet within 12 months, and EVs are expected to make up half of the gov...

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