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Me Today

The Me Today Group owns and operates the Me Today brand (Me Today), a New Zealand founded and based health and wellness brand that produces premium quality products clearly linking supplements and natural skincare, ultimately making it easier for consumers to shop.

Me Today's products have been formulated using absorbable ingredients and, where possible, are either vegetarian or vegan friendly. The Me Today Group is conscious of its responsibility towards the environment, so product packaging has been designed to minimise plastic waste and is almost entirely recyclable. The Me Today range offers a modern solution to modern problems.

Launching with a cross-category focus positioned Me Today well to grow through new product development and expansion into new health and wellness categories.

As well as the Me Today brand, the Founders have created The Good Brand Company. The Good Brand Company was established to sell and market third party brands within the health and wellness space. The Good Brand Company represents Me Today and other agency branded businesses. It is actively seeking new brands to further complement its existing brand portfolio.

The Founders of the Me Today Group are Grant Baker, Stephen Sinclair and Michael Kerr. They joined forces to take advantage of what they believe to be a significant opportunity to leverage their joint experience and expertise by launching a new brand in the health and wellness space.

Title Date Type
SPH Notice - Terrence Wayne Jarvis Fri, Mar 25 2022 11:41 am SHINTR
SPH Notice - MTL Securities Limited Wed, Mar 23 2022 04:33 pm SHINTR
Me Today Share Issue Tue, Mar 22 2022 04:30 pm SECISSUE
Me Today Special Meeting results Fri, Mar 18 2022 01:52 pm MEETING
Me Today - Special Shareholders Meeting Fri, Mar 18 2022 12:55 pm MEETING
Me Today Shareholder meeting proxy form Wed, Mar 02 2022 12:13 pm GENERAL
Me Today - Shareholders' meeting to consider placement Wed, Mar 02 2022 08:33 am MEETING
Me Today Announces change of balance date to 30 June 2022 Fri, Feb 25 2022 01:37 pm ADMIN
Me Today 30 September 21 results and conditional placement Mon, Nov 29 2021 08:30 am HALFYR
Amended SPH Notice – Michael Sorensen and Adam Sorensen Thu, Sep 30 2021 03:17 pm SHINTR
Directors and Executives
Grant Baker
Hannah Barrett
Independent Director
Roger Gower
Independent Non-Executive Director
Michael Kerr
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Sinclair
Chief Financial Officer
Antony Vriens
Independent Director
Company Details
Registered Office: Level 1, 25 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1141
Postal Address: 666 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland, 1061
Telephone: +6421330053
Facsimile: n/a
First Listed: 29/10/2007
Balance Date: 30 June
AGM: 27/09/2021
Major Holdings Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Current
25/03/22 Terrence Wayne Jarvis and Jarvis Bu 139,204,546 16.09 17.97
23/03/22 MTL Securities Limited 264,613,636 31.42 34.16
08/07/21 Michael Sorensen and Adam Sorensen 35,331,682 12.06 5.00
01/04/20 APZ Limited 64,781,722 - 3.55
31/03/20 Lindsay Investment Trust 90,000,000 12.06 4.93
31/03/20 Rhonda Lillian Preston 65,000,000 15.68 3.56
18/12/19 Minera Varry Minerals Limited 19,410,000 7.91 4.68
11/11/19 Fengli Group (Hong Kong) Co. Limite - 30.15 -
Director’s Interests Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Details Other
05/07/21 Antony Vriens 1,148,728 - - -
05/07/21 Roger Hamilton Gower 226,264 - - -
05/07/21 Hannah Mariah Barrett 226,264 - - -
Analysts’ Forecasts
No forecasts available
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Last Updated: 01/04/2022
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