1. What made-up word denoting excitement or glee was associated with the TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  2. What does the letter F stand for in UEFA?
  3. Complete the following line from a famous poem: “When all at once I saw a crowd, a host, of …”
  4. In what Asian country would you find a resort city named Trincomalee?
  5. The Pevensie family are central characters in what classic series of children’s stories?
  6. What do the names Tracy Ann Patient, Mona Blades and Kirsty Bentley have in common?
  7. What word can mean something to sit on or faecal matter?
  8. After China and India, which country has the biggest population: the United States, Indonesia or Brazil?
  9. Who created the character Squirrel Nutkin?
  10. Who is higher in the current line of succession to the British throne: Prince William’s son George, Prince Harry or Prince Andrew?


Please scroll down for the answers:


ANSWERS: 1. Cowabunga! 2. Football; 3. Golden daffodils; 4. Sri Lanka; 5. The Chronicles of Narnia; 6. They were the victims of unsolved murders; 7. Stool; 8. The US; 9. Beatrix Potter; 10. Prince George.