1. Which TV show has been running longest: Fair Go, What Now or Country Calendar?
  2. Mr Bumble was a cruel, pompous character in which Charles Dickens novel?
  3. Who starred in and sang the theme song for the 1988 movie Beaches – Barbra Streisand, Liza Minelli or Bette Midler?
  4. In the Soviet Union, who or what were the NKVD, the OGPU and Cheka?
  5. What female New Zealand comedian won the award for best show at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival?
  6. On a map of the United States, what word precedes Cruz, Barbara and Monica?
  7. What nursery rhyme inspired a 1972 hit song of the same name by Paul McCartney and Wings?
  8. Who led a political party that contested only one general election, in 1984?
  9. Where in New Zealand are the wineries Mudbrick, Cable Bay, Kennedy Point and Stonyridge?
  10. What three-word phrase can mean a musical engagement or a short-lived sexual fling?


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ANSWERS: 1. Country Calendar; 2. Oliver Twist; 3. Bette Midler; 4. Secret police organisations; 5. Rose Matafeo; 6. Santa; 7. Mary Had a Little Lamb; 8. Bob Jones; 9. Waiheke Island; 10. One night stand.