1. If you drove along the waterfront from downtown Auckland to St Heliers, what road would you be on?
  2. Which type of pastry is used to make eclairs and profiteroles: filo, puff or choux? 
  3. Which is the only American state whose name ends with the letter H?
  4. What character has been played in films by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale?
  5. Who was Hadrian, who had a famous wall named after him?
  6. Who was the subject of the songs Empty Garden (by Elton John), All Those Years Ago (by George Harrison) and The Immigrant (by Neil Sedaka)?
  7. In what indoor sport do players stand behind a line called the oche?
  8. The ancient inhabitants of Laconia, in Greece, were noted for what: their good looks, their terse way of speaking or their rebellious attitude?
  9. What insects migrate 4000 kilometres from Canada to central Mexico?
  10. What was the surname of a celebrated American satirist with the first names Patrick Jake, who died last month?


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ANSWERS: 1. Tamaki Drive; 2. Choux; 3. Utah; 4. Batman; 5. A Roman emperor; 6. John Lennon; 7. Darts; 8. Their terse way of speaking (as in laconic); 9. Monarch butterflies; 10. O’Rourke (he was known as P J O’Rourke).