1. What former politician was recently appointed to the newly created position of Ambassador for Gender Equality in the Pacific?
  2. Who sang that sorry seems to be the hardest word?
  3. Which of the following countries is not a member of Nato: Turkey, Finland, Canada or Iceland?
  4. What potentially fatal disease used to be known as lockjaw?
  5. What word can mean either an instruction or a community of priests or nuns?
  6. What title role did British actor Tom Hardy take over in 2015 after three previous movies starring Mel Gibson?
  7. Who painted a famous work entitled Guernica?
  8. What would you do at Mt Lyford, Porters, Temple Basin and Tukino?
  9. Their first names were Bob and Carl and they became famous for their role in the Watergate affair. What were their surnames?
  10. According to an old saying, what is the better part of valour?


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ANSWERS: 1. Louisa Wall; 2. Elton John; 3. Finland; 4. Tetanus; 5. Order; 6. Mad Max; 7. Pablo Picasso; 8. Ski; 9. Woodward and Bernstein (Washington Post journalists); 10 Discretion.