1. What famous New Zealand tourist hotel took its name from a French word meaning a grand country house?
  2. Hankook, Toyo and Kumho are brands of what?
  3. Complete the following line from a 1985 hit song by the band Starship: “We built this city on …”
  4. Among drug users, what is a benny?
  5. What type of whisky shares its name with a French dynasty that was influential in Europe for several centuries?
  6. In what sport would you hear the term dibbly-dobbler?
  7. What name was given to a series of civil wars between the English royal houses of York and Lancaster?
  8. What word can follow house, fruit and cluster?
  9. Piano maker Steinway was founded in which country: Germany, the United States or Austria?
  10. Where would you find a hellebore: in a garden, a cave or a geothermal area?


Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. The Chateau Tongariro; 2. Tyre; 3. Rock and roll; 4. A tablet of Benzedrine; 5. Bourbon; 6. Cricket; 7. The Wars of the Roses; 8. Fly; 9. The US; 10. A garden.