1. What biblical name was adopted by an annual pop culture fan convention that has been held in New Zealand since 1995?
  2. Who would use a mandoline – a musician, a painter or a chef?
  3. What British actor played a Cold War-era spy named Harry Palmer in a series of films based on novels by Len Deighton?
  4. How did Fort Sumter become famous in American history?
  5. What word can follow shearing, chain or motorcycle?
  6. What first name was shared by an author with the surname Kerouac, a heavyweight boxing champion with the surname Johnson and a whiskey maker with the surname Daniels?
  7. A person with an abnormal fear of light is said to suffer from what phobia?
  8. In what popular Australian TV series did Magda Szubanski play a character named Sharon?
  9. What colour is the flower of heather: mauve, yellow or blue?
  10. What country was the birthplace of the writer J R R Tolkien, the actress Charlize Theron and the musician Manfred Mann?


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ANSWERS: 1. Armageddon; 2. A chef; 3. Michael Caine; 4. It was the scene of the first engagement in the American Civil War; 5. Gang; 6. Jack; 7. Photophobia; 8. Kath and Kim; 9. Mauve; 10. South Africa.