1. UNDRIP, a United Nations declaration controversially ratified by New Zealand in 2010, stands for what?
  2. Who led a famous search for the mythical yeti in the Himalayas in 1960?
  3. According to the Bible, what woman discovered Jesus Christ’s empty tomb after his resurrection?
  4. The New Zealand conservationist Don Merton became famous for saving what bird from extinction?
  5. What wholesome actress shocked fans by baring her breasts in the 1981 comedy S.O.B.?
  6. What sport involves the use of items called stones or rocks?
  7. What do the American cities Dover, Boise, Albany, Topeka and Sacramento have in common?
  8. Vaccination against parvovirus is recommended for what animals?
  9. Which religious denomination has the most adherents worldwide: Anglican, Lutheran or Baptist?
  10. What word can mean a mountain route, a sexual advance or a means of gaining entry?


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ANSWERS: 1. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; 2. Sir Edmund Hillary; 3. Mary Magdalene; 4. The Chatham Island robin; 5. Julie Andrews; 6. Curling; 7. They are state capitals; 8. Dogs; 9. Anglican; 10. Pass.