1. The line “Here’s Johnny!”, once judged the scariest film moment of all time, is from what horror movie? 
  2. What was a dirigible?
  3. Who was taken to Ireland as a slave in the 5th century and later returned there as a bishop?
  4. Which country has the longest life expectancy: Switzerland, Japan or Iceland?
  5. What 1990 hit song began with the lines: “It’s been seven hours and 15 days/Since you took your love away”?
  6. New Zealander Paul Coll is ranked the world’s number one male in what sport?
  7. What is the Japanese term for a food product that uses fish meat to mimic the flavour of lobster, crab and shellfish?
  8. The islands known as the Azores are part of what country?
  9. What three-word slang term describes a gambling machine with a lever on one side?
  10. Which is New Zealand’s oldest surviving daily newspaper: the Press (Christchurch), the Wanganui Chronicle or the Otago Daily Times?


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ANSWERS: 1. The Shining; 2. An airship (zeppelin); 3. St Patrick; 4. Japan; 5. Nothing Compares 2 U; 6. Squash; 7. Surimi; 8. Portugal; 9. One-armed bandit; 10. The Otago Daily Times.