1. What surname was shared by a poet with the first name Siegfried and a celebrity hairstylist with the first name Vidal?
  2. Who or what was the subject of the 1976 hit song Shannon?
  3. What significant anniversary will Shortland Street celebrate in May: its 20th, 25th or 30th?
  4. The Englishman Sir Rocco Forte is a leading figure in what business?
  5. What American bandleader mysteriously disappeared while flying over the English Channel in 1944?
  6. What word can precede store, practice or election?
  7. Who became, in 1978, the first female singer to top the British pop chart with a self-written song?
  8. What prominent sporting figure is known by the initials SVG?
  9. By changing one letter, what word meaning a period of employment can be altered to one meaning a small tube used to keep blood vessels open?
  10. Which two prime ministers were born in Hamilton?


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ANSWERS: 1. Sassoon; 2. A dog; 3. 30th; 4. Hotels; 5. Glenn Miller; 6. General; 7. Kate Bush; 8. Racing driver Shane van Gisbergen; 9. Stint/stent; 10. Helen Clark and Jacinda Ardern.