1. Which up-market car company makes a model called the Countryman?
  2. His first names were Robert Nesta and he had a string of hit songs before his death from cancer in 1981. What was his surname?
  3. What is the term for the middlemost upper and lower teeth: canines, molars or incisors?
  4. What common household product is made from diluted sodium hypochlorite?
  5. What first name is shared by actresses with the surnames Chastain, Biel and Lange?
  6. What New Zealand town was at the centre of a 1929 earthquake that killed 17 people?
  7. Maine is the only American state with a single-syllable name – true or false?
  8. What classic French sauce typically accompanies steak and is made from egg yolks, butter and tarragon?
  9. What iconic Australian brand has the initials VB?
  10. Complete the following quotation from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Brevity is the soul of …”

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ANSWERS: 1. BMW Mini; 2. Marley; 3. Incisors; 4. Bleach; 5. Jessica; 6. Murchison; 7. True; 8. Bearnaise sauce; 9. Victoria Bitter; 10. Wit.