1. What high-profile politician is a former member of the Wellington gay rugby team, the Krazy Knights?
  2. Which of New Zealand’s 10 Great Walks passes through Kahurangi National Park?
  3. Nathan Fa’avae is a leading New Zealand competitor in what sport?
  4. American seafood restaurant chain, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, was inspired by what 1994 hit film?
  5. What word can precede egg, terrier, broth or fillet?
  6. Hokowhitu, Highbury, Milson and Terrace End are suburbs of which New Zealand city?
  7. What word can mean either a ship’s kitchen or an ancient Roman warship?
  8. Three National MPs joined 45 from Labour in voting for what controversial legislation in 2004?
  9. What New Zealand businessman created the Hills championship golf course in Arrowtown?
  10. New Zealanders call it a caravan. What is the American term?


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ANSWERS: 1. Grant Robertson; 2. The Heaphy Track; 3. Adventure racing; 4. Forrest Gump; 5. Scotch; 6. Palmerston North; 7. Galley; 8. The Civil Union Bill; 9. Sir Michael Hill; 10. Trailer.