1. In which country would you see the remains of the biblical city of Babylon: Israel, Turkey or Iraq?
  2. What’s unusual about radical American composer John Cage’s 1952 work 4’33”?
  3. Which character in Shakespeare is fictional: Hamlet, Macbeth or Brutus?
  4. What type of sports clubs are Fitzroy, Midway, Maranui and St Kilda?
  5. Chief Wiggum is a character in what TV series?
  6. Their first names are Brendan and Domhnall and they are father-and-son actors. What is their surname?
  7. What word can come after Yorkshire, Cairn, Scottish and Boston?
  8. In horse racing, what is the term for a bet that combines a winning bet and a place bet together on one ticket?
  9. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, was born in which decade?
  10. In what multiple Academy Award-winning movie of 1981 did Henry Fonda star with his daughter Jane?


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ANSWERS: 1. Iraq; 2. It’s silent; 3. Hamlet; 4. Surf lifesaving clubs; 5. The Simpsons; 6. Gleeson; 7. Terrier; 8. Each-way bet; 9. The 1960s; 10. On Golden Pond.